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  • Gladiator Helmet
    Price: $79.00 SKU: H014

    Gladiator Helmet An uncluttered Gladiator helmet, capped with an all metal crest, full face protection, ample, ear, eye, and mouth openings, and modest embossed details.1st through 4th century AD . It is Made of 18ga Steel ...

  • Gladiator helmets with spikes
    Price: $111.00 SKU: H014S

    Gladiator helmets with spikes  This helmet is based on the style that might have been made available to a Roman Gladiator for wearing in the arena. This particular model is of steel, with a polished finish.The helmet...

  • Great Helm - 14 Gauge
    Price: $243.75 SKU: AH6921_14

    This Great Helm is stoutly constructed from riveted plates of 14 gauge steel - a thickness intended for stage and sport combat. The face is well-perforated for ventilation and finished with a riveted dual fleur-de-lis of...

  • Great Helm with Darkened Steel and Brass Cross
    Price: $107.00 SKU: AH3812

    Great Helm with Darkened Steel and Brass Cross  This Crusader Great Helm is crafted from riveted 18 gauge steel plates. The frontal cross is darkened steel and the smaller cross riveted over the darkened steel is of...

  • H017 German or European Comb Morion Helmet
    Price: $71.00 SKU: H017

     H017 German or European Comb Morion Helmet This is a fine replica version of a helmet made in a 16/17th C style called a Comb Morion. The Comb Morion Helmet, also known as the Spanish Morion Helmet was made famous by...

  • Horse Lord Helm - 18 Gauge Steel
    Price: $207.86 SKU: LB25140

    The Horse Lord Helmet is crafted from 18 gauge steel and is thoroughly embellished with riveted brass edging and accenting, as well as lavish amounts of etched design. The nasal bar has been cunningly worked into the form of...

  • Houndskull Bascinet - 16 Gauge Steel
    Price: $124.00 SKU: SNH2264PL16

    Houndskull Bascinet - 16 Gauge Steel The Houndskull Bascinet is constructed from 16 gauge steel. The visor has the option of being removed by taking out its retaining pins, thereby transforming it into a standard bascinet...

  • Imperial Italic C
    Price: $242.00 SKU: AH6057B

    Imperial Italic C Features: Brass rendition of bronze helmets. Hinged cheek flaps. Larger neck plate. ""accurizing campaign"" launched by the company in conjunction with the experts on Roman Army Talk. Descripion: Museum...

  • Imperial Italic D
    Price: $218.00 SKU: AH6054N

    Imperial Italic D Features: Standard internal circumference of 23-25 inches. 4 lb 4 oz. Decorative cross-bracing. Symbols such as eagles, temples and altars on the cheek guards and the cranium. 8 gauge steel with brass...

  • Italo-Norman Medieval Helm - 16 Gauge Steel
    Price: $132.95 $113.00 SKU: SNH2289PL16

    Italo-Norman Medieval Helm - 16 Gauge Steel  This Sicilio-Norman Helm is crafted from 16 gauge steel; the interior of the helm is blackened and fitted with a leather suspension liner that can be adjusted to comfortably...

  • Kettle Helm - 16 Gauge
    Price: $139.00 $107.00 SKU: AH3884_16

    Kettle Helm - 16 Gauge This kettle helm is stoutly constructed from riveted plates of 16 gauge steel. The interior of the helm is blackened and lined with an adjustable suspension liner of leather. The helm is finished with...

  • Klappvisor Bascinet
    Price: $140.00 SKU: SNH2249

    Klappvisor Bascinet The Klapvisor Bascinet is constructed from 14 gauge steel; the visor is hinged and can be raised, it can also be secured in the down position with the buckled visor strap. The interior of the helm is...

  • Knight's Great Helmet Deluxe
    Price: $69.95 SKU: EC01-052

    Knight's Great Helmet Deluxe The Great Helm was popular during the Middle ages but was restricted to the joust field during the 14 century. Featuring a flat top, fully enclosed face and head with brass fittings. Made from 18...

  • Krefeld Helmet
    Price: $218.00 SKU: AH6054K

    Krefeld Helmet Features: Imperial Italic D Helmet. Brass cross-bracing and other elaborate ornamentation. 18-gauge steel. Weighs approx. 4 lbs.; head size: max 62 cm. Material: Steel Descripion: Heavily researched Imperial...

  • Late Officer Jewel Helmet
    Price: $556.00 SKU: AH6048

    Late Officer Jewel Helmet  Most early Roman helmets were based on Celtic or Greek styles. As the Roman Empire expanded, contact with peoples further to the East caused a dramatic change in the basic model, including a...

  • Leather Great Helm
    Price: $84.75 SKU: AH3831L

    This Great Helm is crafted entirely from thick and sturdy 7-8 oz leather with strongly stitched construction supplemented by brass rivets at the top. The interior of the helm is fitted with an leather suspension liner that...

  • Leather Pickelhaube- WW Helmet
    Price: $64.95 SKU: EC01-068.A

    Leather Pickelhaube Handcrafted leather helmet, fit for a soldier costume. Fits from 7" to 8". Adjustable liner. Although typically associated with the Prussian army, the helmet enjoyed wide use among uniformed occupations...

  • Medieval Helmet
    Price: $0.00 SKU: Medieval Helmet

    Medieval Helmet

  • Medieval Helmet(EC01-073)
    Price: $0.00 SKU: EC01-073

    Medieval Helmet(EC01-073)

  • Medieval Helmet(EC01-074)
    Price: $0.00 SKU: EC01-074)

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