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  • Plume Holder Horizontal AH6107
    Price: $17.00 SKU: AH6107

    Deepeeka Ah6107 Plume Holder Horizontal This narrow fork-like, brass fitting; be used for the thinner, metal based crests.Originally intended for Deepeeka's Helmet AH6053N.

  • Plume Holder Vertical AH6106
    Price: $17.00 SKU: AH6106

    Deepeeka Ah6106 Plum Holder Vertical This brass fork-like holder slides into its slot. Originally intended for Deepeeka Helmet AH6053N, this plume holder may fit other similarly crafted helmet slots, for a Front to Back...

  • Plume Holder Vertical AH6191
    Price: $17.00 SKU: AH6191

    Plume Holder Vertical AH6191 Features: Brass fork-like prong; intended for Deepeeka Helmet 6053N, may fit other similarly crafted helmet slots; may fit other similarly crafted helmet slots; wider fitting intended for use...

  • PRH302-17c Medieval Closed Burgonet Helmet Metallic - One Size Fit Most Armour
    Price: $151.00 SKU: PRH302

    The Primus range represents the pinnacle of Deepeeka quality historical replicas. Each item of this signature line is developed from original design patterns in consultation with the museum staff with direct access to the...

  • Red- Brown Plume (Coco Cola)
    Price: $51.00 SKU: AH6105

    Deepeeka Ah6105 Red Brown Plume Plumes were more than just personal decorations, often indicating things like rank, command, and position. This particular Plume For Corinthian Helmet was made to fit the style and shape of a...

  • Republican Celtic Helmet(Forêt de Rouvray)
    Price: $111.00 SKU: AH6099

    Republican Celtic Helmet(Forêt de Rouvray) Features: Mild steel helmet features hinged cheek plates and topknot. Comes with a padded arming cap. Material: Steel Descripion: The Roman empire began expanding to the...

  • Republican Montefortino 'A' (Brass)
    Price: $278.00 SKU: AH6050N

    Republican Montefortino 'A' (Brass) The Montefortino type helmet, so called because its type find was discovered at the Necropolis at Montefortino, Italy, is the classic helmet associated with the Republican period...

  • Roman Centurion Mini Helmet
    Price: $34.00 SKU: SNMH3107

    Roman Centurion Mini Helmet This miniature Roman Centurion Helm has all the pomp and granduer of the Imperial Roman Army in a pint-sized package. The Centurion was the commander of a ''Century'' of 80 men. He led from the...

  • Roman Helmet Reproduction - Gallic 'H' Special Command
    Price: $198.00 SKU: AH6066

    Roman Helmet Reproduction - Gallic 'H' Special Command The imperial helmet is a broad classification applied to the helmet that was considered by many to be the quintessential Roman galea (or helmet). The imperial Gallic H...

  • Roman Imperial Gallic 'Face' Helmet
    Price: $238.00 SKU: AH6049

    Roman Imperial Gallic 'Face' Helmet This version of the Imperial Gallic Helmet includes a hinged bronze mask similar to the Kalkriese imperial face mask found at Kalkriese in Germany. The helmet itself is trimmed with brass,...

  • Roman Trooper
    Price: $87.00 SKU: AH3801

    Roman Trooper Features: Inspired by the Imperial Gallic helmet, a helmet known to German scholars as the Weissenau type. 18 gauge carbon steel with brass ornimatation. Fits 22" to 23" circumference. Rounded cap with visor...

  • Roman Trooper Helmet Deluxe
    Price: $59.00 SKU: EC01-004

    Roman Trooper Helmet Deluxe Typical mid-first century legionary helmet in use on into the early 2nd century AD. Fragments of helmets of this style were found in rubbish pits at Colchester,and so can definitely be dated to...

  • Sicilian Norman Helmet
    Price: $54.50 $49.00 SKU: EC01-061

    Sicilian Norman Helmet The nasal helmet was a type of combat helmet characterised by the possession of a projecting bar covering the nose and thus protecting the centre of the face; it was of Western European origins and was...

  • Spangenhelm 3/4th C
    Price: $79.00 SKU: RTU790

    Spangenhelm 3/4th C The Spangenhelm was a popular medieval European combat helmet design of the Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages.It is a decorative helmet designed with...

  • Spartacus Gladiator Helmet - 18 Gauge
    Price: $190.85 SKU: LB25220

    This Spartacus Gladiator Helmet is made from 18 gauge steel and is artificially pitted for a battle-worn appearance befitting a seasoned champion of the gladiatorial arena. A black horsehair plume is fitted to the helm...

  • Sports Basinet (Ss) 16G
    Price: $446.00 SKU: AH6926

    Sports Basinet (Ss) 16G The Bascinet is a Medieval European open-faced helmet.It is typically fitted with a hinged or an aventail visor.It typically features a peak at the top that provides protection from the blows done at...

  • Templar Helm - 16 Gauge
    Price: $185.00 $143.00 SKU: AH6110_16

    Templar Helm - 16 Gauge  The Templar Helmet is a reproduction of style of helmet that was typically used by the crusaders, and the Knights Templar, for the whole duration of the Crusades. It is also called a pot helm,...

  • Templar Helmet-1
    Price: $64.95 SKU: EC01-063

    Templar Helmet  The Great Helm was popular during the Middle ages but was restricted to the joust field during the 14 century. Featuring a flat top, fully enclosed face and head with brass fittings. It is made of 18ga...

  • The Celtic Montefortino
    Price: $139.00 SKU: AH6318N

    The Celtic Montefortino Montefortino helmets are generally characterized by a conical or round shape with a raised central knob, and a protruding neck guard as well as cheek plates to protect the sides of the head. Other...

  • Tudor 16th Century Armet - 18 Gauge
    Price: $140.21 SKU: LB25177

    The Tudor Helm is a 16th Century Armet that is crafted from 18 gauge steel. The visor swivels on its hinges and is well-articulated with a great degree of allowable movement. The side plates hinge open to allow them to be...

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